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Slip for hernia inguinalis treatment : single(unilateral : left-right) or double (bilateral): tipo basso and high tension.
The protective garment garantuees an effectif abdominal support and a perfect anatomical contention of the inguinal zone.
Thanks to ist particular construction technology, it offers a perfect wearing comfort.

Inguinal hernia support woman : consumer protection online buying

  • FAQ: do I have to wear inguinal hernia pads (or not, or the whole time) ?
    In an acute phase, you must start with hernia pads always 'in'.
    We have however a percentage of mostly working people telling us from experience that they do not have to wear the pads on a calm day.
    We recommended with succes to start with the hernia pads 'in' and after 7-10 days start to 'not' put the pads in on a comparable easy days (mostly sunday). Putting a litte mark on your calendar with the result at 10 a.m. or noon/afternoon, they knew in the end perfectly when to wear the pads and when not.
    Only order the pads you need.
    Slips : only buy 1 slip to start to be sure : 1/you bought the right size and 2/ you can still order extra ones once you're satisfied.

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     Holiday : 7-14/5/2018
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    Features hernia slip woman

    • Function women's hernia briefs: provides effective abdominal support , prevents abdominal relaxation, thus avoiding visceral and renal ptosis.
    • Colour: skin colour light-brown
    • 100% cotton on the skin
    • Convenient opening beneath with hooks at the crotch
    • Model with high tension, this means high percentage of Elasthane, a key factor to succes. Other competitors with lower tension  (less Elasthane of bad anatomical construction ) give insufficient support . See ( new window opens) on why an insufficient pressure can not give good results and read the comments (new window opens) of a reviewer women's hernia support and pain relief brief: ...soft pad of the velcro fastening is gradually disintigrating.It does not seem to be as sturdy as generally found on velcro fastenings, have you come across this problem before? As I have said, the briefs are a great help to me in carrying out my work, but the fastening keep pulling apart and this reduces the efficacy of the belt.
    • Left(left side) or right(right side) , an anatomical hernia support compression pad can be put in- these are not viewable from outside compared to other so called built-in inguinal hernia supports (opens in new window)

    Choose size : please measure circumference of the hip, stomach torn inwards (flat stomach) + strap tight the measuring tool

     Model woman
     Metric (in cm)
     30,3- 32,28

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     Holiday : 7-14/5/2018
     Ordering possible :  Yes but
     Shipping = 15/5/2018

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    • Don't forget to order your compression cushion

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