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Hernia belt support : anatomical compression hernia pads

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Price hernia support pad : 4,80 £ VAT incl. / transport excl.
Anatomical better than flat pad supports
Comfortable, effective support for reducible inguinal hernia
Choose your anatomical compression pad : double hernia or left or right side inguinal hernia
Remark the letters L en R on the pictures

FAQ: do I have to wear inguinal hernia pads (or not, or the whole time) ?
In an acute phase, you must start with hernia pads always 'in'.
We have however a percentage of mostly working people telling us from experience that they do not have to wear the pads on a calm day.
We recommended with succes to start with the hernia pads 'in' and after 7-10 days start to 'not' put the pads in on a comparable easy days (mostly sunday). Putting a litte mark on your calendar with the result at 10 a.m. or noon/afternoon, they knew in the end perfectly when to wear the pads and when not.
Only order the pads you need.
Slips : only buy 1 slip to start to be sure : 1/you bought the right size and 2/ you can still order extra ones once you're satisfied.

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Indications hernia supports pads

Treatment of (indications-symptoms):
  • Hernia support for hernia inguinalis
  • Replacement of uncomfortable hernia belts
  • Patients with no (asymptomatic),mild or reducible swelling
  • No problems occur lying down(night), but once in an upright position the swelling starts.This way a fysical and psychological problems occurs..
  • Pre-en post-operative use: as an ideal compression bandage
  • Esthetical (also for married couples)
  • Waiting for an operation: waiting list can be long sometimes.Or replacement of an operation
  • Travelling: this compression slip is an ideal partner once travelling.
  • Operations where a local compressions is indicated: hernia, sterilisation (men)
  • A hernia is a condition which sometimes needs an chirugical intervention.Caused by: (sudden efforts), (mis-)handling in lifting , sneezing, powerful emptying of stomach
  • Contra-indications for an operation: psychological, medical, other complications
  • Patients > 50 years (see study below)
  • Hernia supports features

    • Anatomical form : unique comfortable design and profile of these hernia support pads can be seen here
    • Left hernia support pad : for reducible left inguinal hernia support
    • Right hernia support pad : for reducible right inguinal hernia support

    Product instructions Hernia compression pads

    Example: placing a compression pad right side:

    Move mouse from "Step 1 -> Step 5"

    Step 1
    Slip: start position
    Step 2
    Slip seen inside out
    Compression pad: flat side turned downward
    Step 3
    Sliding in of the compression pad
    Step 4
    Slide in till the end
    Step 5
    Result seen from outside
    Left and Right compression pads have been placed